Post Secondary Application

What do I like to do?  What do I want to do?

In this stage, students use volunteer experience, part time jobs, co-operative education, and other experiences to shape the areas of interest they have in terms of future employment and/or learning.


Where can I go to get the training/education that I need?

This is where research and some guiding help is essential.  

Is your area of interest an area of apprenticeship?  Is it a college program?  Is it a university program?  Is it possible to complete training through a joint collaborative program?

The links below, your parent/guardian, and your guidance counsellor, among others, can help you to figure out the best way to pursue your post-secondary dreams.


How do I apply to college or university?

    • Attend the college fair (https://www.ocif.caor university fair (  Attend the local university fair hosted at one of the three Stratford high schools.  Attend the local college fair hosted by a nearby college. 
    • You can also book tours of schools you are considering.
    • Stop by the table that each post-secondary school sets up in the fall during senior lunch at our school.
    • Applications are completed online.  Due dates are very important.  College applications go through and university applications go through  If you are applying to a collaborative program (joint program through a university and college), you must apply on the application the school you are hoping to attend has listed.  Both sites have guided tutorials to help you with your application.
    • We are here to help you with all of this…come and chat with your counsellor!

How do I apply to an apprenticeship?

​Hopefully, you have had a chance to complete co-operative education while in high school and have registered with the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).
If you haven’t, you can still talk with our OYAP co-ordinator (Mr. Tim Martens, and he will help guide you through the process. It all starts by finding an employer who is willing to accept you as an apprentice.

If you cannot find an apprenticeship right away, speak with your guidance counsellor about college programs that will give you greater preparation, training, and skills.

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