Post Secondary Pathways

Post Secondary Pathways​Planning an initial post secondary pathway is exciting, but can also be a time of uncertainty.

​Sometimes, students will graduate and return to St. Michael in the following school year to complete additional courses in order to gain greater experience or obtain additional education required for a post-secondary destination.

Post secondary destinations, the programs they offer, the campuses available, the flexibility in carving your way, have all changed significantly over the years.

​Students who are leaving St. Michael to community living can also speak with their Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) about Partners in Employment.


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Collaborative Programs (University/College)

Collaborative Programs

World of Work
The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities provides a wealth of information related to job market trends, job searching, and job profiles.  Open the Employment and Learning tab when visiting the website linked to the Ontario image. Ontario Logo
Youth Connect has a lot of valuable information related to job hunting, both during your secondary school days, and also if the world of work is your post-secondary destination.​ YouthConnect


OUAC access allows every student and parent to also research, plan, collect data, and become more familiar with post-secondary opportunities.  
It is also the program through which students select their high school courses from year to year.

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